Probate & Estate Administration

If you are an executor or personal representative of an estate, it is imperative that you seek legal guidance from an estate attorney. Many people incorrectly assume that they can simply DIY the process. But, estate law and tax compliance is extremely complicated and has serious costly consequences, if you are not specifically trained in those areas of the law. Wilson McLean’s probate attorneys can assist you with the entire probate process. Consulting with our law firm will allow you to prevent costly mistakes, avoid mismanagement of assets, and protect you from being sued during the administration of the estate.

Our firm will work with all families, regardless of whether a person died with or without a will or an estate plan. We also assist out-of-town clients who need an attorney to help with the probate and estate administration of property located in Pennsylvania.

Estate Administration Services

Probate a Will (or Administer an Intestacy)
Filing Income, Estate, Inheritance and Fiduciary Income Tax Returns
Family Settlement Agreements
Receipt and Release Agreements
Representation of Executors, Administrators, Trustees, and Beneficaries
Representation of Claimants In Will Contests and Trust Disputes