Host A Will Party

Wilson McLean offers will parties to groups of four to twenty-four individuals in any agreed upon setting, like your home, office, church, conference centers, banquet halls, and even the park. Not only is it a fun and convenient way to complete your estate planning documents, it is also more affordable. Both will party hosts and group members will receive a discount off of the regular price of an estate plan package. In addition, will party hosts will receive an extra discount for hosting duties.

Our estate planning attorneys will provide each group with an overview of the estate planning process and estate planning questionnaires. Once the questionnaires are completed, the attorney will then meet with each member of the group individually in a confidential setting to review his/her answers to the questionnaire and to draft a customized estate plan for that particular individual. Once all of the estate plans are completed for the group, a date will be chosen for the will party. At the party, our estate planning attorney and notary public will be present to ensure that all of the documents are validly executed.

If you’re interested in hosting or participating in a will party, please contact us for more information.